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What if I did not resist because I was too afraid? Even if you did not resist because you were too afraid, the attacker cannot say that you consented. You are not expected to put your life at risk. The law does not consider that you freely agreed just because you did not struggle or resist. What if I agree to the sexual activity at first, and then I change my mind?

Once you show that you no longer agree to the sexual activity, there is no longer consent. Your consent must be ongoing.

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In other words, you can take back your consent. Also, consenting to one kind of sexual activity does not mean you consent to any other sexual activity. Can a person say that I consented if I was drunk? If you are drinking or high on drugs and unable to make a decision, the law does not consider that you consented. You must be conscious to give consent. If the person honestly and reasonably believed he or she had your consent to sexual activity, it may be a defence. However, a person cannot use this defence if:.

The police can charge anyone who forces sexual activity on you with sexual assault. It does not matter if the person is your spouse, your common law partner or your date. What if I agreed to see someone that I met online? Just because you agreed to meet someone, does not mean that you consented to sexual activity. Assault is the intentional use of force against somebody without his or her consent.

Statutory Rape: The Age of Consent

Trying to use force or threatening to use force may also be assault. Touching, slapping, punching, kicking or pushing are examples of assault. Sexual assault is any kind of assault that is of a sexual nature. Are there different kinds of sexual assault offences? Sexual offences apply to different types of sexual contact, not just rape.

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The difference between offences depends on the nature of the assault and how much force the person uses. The law recognizes a range of offences and punishments. Invitation to sexual touching is inviting a child under the age of 16 to touch directly or indirectly, the body of any other person. Sexual interference is touching a child under the age of 16, whether directly or indirectly, for a sexual purpose. Luring a child is communicating with a young person using a computer in order to arrange or commit certain sexual offences. Voyeurism is the secret observation by any means or recording of any person for a sexual purpose, in circumstances where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The law considers it to be sexual exploitation for anyone in a position of trust or authority over a young person, to engage in sexual activity with them. This includes a person on whom the young person is dependent. A young person is a person 16 years of age or more, but under 18 years. The courts would determine exploitation by the wrongful conduct of the person in the position of trust rather than the consent of the young person. The law also provides for the protection of persons with mental or physical disabilities without any age restrictions. The courts would determine exploitation by the wrongful conduct of the exploiter rather than the consent of the young person.

Publication of Intimate Images without Consent: An intimate image is a picture or video of a person who is nude, partially nude, or engaged in sexual activity. The photos can be of a child or an adult. Even if the individual consented to the pictures or videos, it is an offence to distribute them if the individual had a reasonable expectation of privacy at the time they were taken.

If the person who sexually assaulted me is charged, will I have to go to court? A preliminary hearing is a hearing where a judge decides whether there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. If the case goes to trial, the Crown prosecutor can call you as a witness to testify, even against your partner or spouse. Can I get help and support if I go to Court? Victim Services Coordinators can explain the court process to you and help you understand what will happen in court.

Contact the provincial Victim Services Office nearest you. They can tell you about the special supports and assistance to help victims of sexual offences when they testify. They will also tell you about other services and programs for victims such as counseling and crime compensation. Can the defence lawyer get copies of my counseling or medical records and ask me questions? Only if the judge decides this information has something to do with the case.

A judge would hold hearings to decide whether the defence lawyer can have the records. The Crown prosecutor and the Victim Services Coordinator will explain the process to you. Can the defence lawyer use my past sexual activities to suggest that I consented this time? Your past sexual activities with anyone other than the accused would not be considered relevant to the issue of consent for this particular offence.

The defence lawyer cannot use evidence about your past sexual activities to show:. Usually the trial is open to the public but you have a right to keep your identity protected. This is called a publication ban. Victim Services will explain the various protections that may be available. What happens when a person is found guilty? Usually the judge will not sentence the offender immediately. The judge will set a date for sentencing and may ask for a pre-sentence report on the offender. The pre-sentence report is done by a probation officer. Can victims tell the Court how the crime has affected them?

Yes, victims have the right to make a written Victim Impact Statement which can be filed with the court when the accused has been found guilty. See the pamphlet Victim Impact Statements. The judge must consider your statement, among other things, in deciding on the sentence. As well as all same-sex sexual conduct, Article , and "outrages to public decency", Article The punishment for both the first two activities with those under 18 years of age is more severe for the older participant.

The age of consent is 16 , but homosexuality is punishable by 7 years' imprisonment. Under the new Penal Code of in French , the age of consent in Burundi for heterosexuals both men and women is 18 years. The age of consent in Cameroon is The age of consent in Ceuta for both males and females is 16 , as it is under Spanish sovereignty, as of 1 July The age of consent in Chad is 14 for girls, even if she is married, but the ban is rarely enforced.

The age of consent in the Comoros is The age of consent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is 14 for females and 18 for males. Effectively this means the age of consent is lower than 18, especially in rural areas; in , The age of consent in Egypt is 18 years, for heterosexual males and females. Sex work is illegal and the sex work law has been used against male and female homosexuals. The age of consent in Eritrea is 18 , as stipulated by Article The minimum age for consensual sex is 18 years. Early childhood marriage is especially common in rural areas, where some girls are married as young as 7 years old.

The age of consent in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands for both males and females is 15 , as it is under French sovereignty. The age of consent is The age of consent in Kenya is 18 years, as children are defined under 18 and are not able to give consent. The age of consent in Liberia is The age of consent was raised to 18, from 16, in During the Gaddafi government, the regular age of consent was 18, but sixteen-year-old girls could be married as long the parents consented.

Pre-marital sex was illegal. After the revolution, the age of consent limit was removed. Presently, there is no defined age of consent, although sex is not allowed outside of marriage. Age of consent is 14 years, according to article in the Criminal Law. In certain cases, including relatives and homosexuals, it is 21 years. Thus, many acts surrounding the age of consent could be considered illegal. Article 'Rape, attempt upon chastity and illegal sexual intercourse' of the Penal Code: Any person who has sexual intercourse with a female ' under the age of sixteen 16 , even with consent , shall be liable to penal servitude not exceeding ten 10 years.

The age of consent in Madeira for both males and females is 14 , as it is under Portuguese sovereignty. The age of consent in Mayotte for both males and females is 15 , as it is under French sovereignty. The age of consent in Melilla for both males and females is 16 , as it is under Spanish sovereignty, as of 1 July The age of consent is 18 , per Art. In Niger, the age of consent is 13 years.

The age of consent is 18 years. Also Sections 21 and 22 of the same Act prohibit Child marriage or betrothal. The age of consent in Plazas de soberania for both males and females is 16 , as it is under Spanish sovereignty, as of 1 July Sex with a minor is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 10,, CFA.

What Is the Age of Consent?

The age of consent in Senegal is 16 Article deals with children under 16; Article deals with children under Homosexual sex is illegal. According to the U. State Department , the Seychelles age of consent is "traditionally understood" to be 15 but that the country's statutes "fail to clearly define the ages of consent and legal majority"; according to the State Department this causes confusion in regards to the "traditionally understood" age of consent and the age of majority of 18 and therefore complicates enforcement of the law.

Article 29 of the national constitution of Somalia defines a child as any individual under the age of 18, and stipulates that "every child has the right to be protected from mistreatment, neglect, abuse, or degradation. Section 15 "statutory rape" prohibits the commission of " an act of sexual penetration with a child who is 12 years of age or older but under the age of 16 years ", while section 16 "statutory sexual assault" prohibits the commission of " an act of sexual violation with a child who is 12 years of age or older but under the age of 16 years ".

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Under the Roman-Dutch common law there was a conclusive presumption that girls under the age of 12 were unable to consent to sexual intercourse. The Girls' and Mentally Defective Women's Protection Act, , which replaced the differing age of consent laws of the four colonies that formed the Union of South Africa, criminalised sexual intercourse between a man and a girl under the age of sixteen unless they were married.

This act was replaced by a similar prohibition in section 14 of the Immorality Act, Although sex between men was already illegal, prohibited by the common law as " sodomy " or " unnatural sexual acts ", the Immorality Act also criminalised sexual intercourse between a man and a boy under sixteen. The Immorality Amendment Act, , which was enacted in response to a national moral panic over homosexuality, raised to 19 the age below which the Immorality Act prohibited sex between males.

The Immorality Amendment Act, inserted mirror provisions applying to women, prohibiting intercourse between a woman and a boy under 16 or a girl under The Interim Constitution , which came into force in , prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, as does the final Constitution which replaced in As a result, the Constitutional Court struck down the laws prohibiting homosexual sex in the case of National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality v Minister of Justice.

That case did not, however, address the difference between the heterosexual and homosexual ages of consent in section 14 of the Sexual Offences Act. The common-law presumption relating to girls under 12 was replaced by a general presumption that children under 12 cannot consent. The act also fixed the age of consent at 16 for all sexual acts. In the case of Geldenhuys v National Director of Public Prosecutions , the Constitutional Court held that the former difference in the ages of consent had been unconstitutional. The age of consent in South Sudan is Intercourse in Sudan is against the law if not married.