Cl_interp ratio matchmaking

To be able to use these commands, you must first enable the in-game console.

Back in time in CS 1. GO is a bit different. The game will automatically adjust this value based on the servers and the rate you playing on.

Cl_interp ratio matchmaking

But basically just set it to zero. The lower the better.

It depends on your connection. So for me, it is 1, but for you, it might be 2 or 3. You probably need to test it yourself to see what works.

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  • Cl_interp ratio matchmaking.
  • Cl_interp ratio matchmaking!
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However, this is noticeable so there will not be a problem. Set to 1 if you have little to no packet loss a. To change this you can add it to your autoexec config, or just copy and paste this to your CS: Same goes for all commands of this type.

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